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Jul 5, 2024
Muloi, Dishon; Ibayi, Eugine; Nyotera, Sharon; Kirimi, Hildah; Abdi, Abdullahi; Mutungwa, Silvester; Chemutai, Abigael; Moodley, Arshnee, 2024, "Treatment strategies and antibiotic usage practices in mastitis management in Kenyan smallholder dairy farms",, MELDATA, V1
Mastitis is a common driver of antibiotic use in dairy farms and is exacerbated in low-income settings by the lack of diagnostics and treatment strategies. This study assessed the decision-making process of animal health providers (AHPs) in managing mastitis in small-holder dairy...
Jul 3, 2024
Fevre, Eric; Wardrop, Nicola; Thomas, Lian; Atkinson, Peter; de Glanville, William; Cook, Elizabeth Anne; Wamae, Claire; Gabriël, Sarah; Dorny, Pierre; Harrison, Leslie, 2015, "People, Animals and their Zoonoses - The Influence of Socio-economic, Behavioural and Environmental Factors on Taenia spp",, MELDATA, V1
This project deals with zoonotic infections amongst livestock and the farmers who keep them. Zoonotic diseases are infections transmitted between animals and humans; they are a major group of pathogens (approximately 60% of all human-infective organisms), with a diversity of anim...
Jul 2, 2024
Baltenweck, Isabelle; Fraval, Simon; Rao, James; Githinji, Julius; Githoro, Edmund; Atieno, Turry, 2015, "Green house gas mitigation potential in dairy production systems",, MELDATA, V2
Estimating GHG mitigation potential in dairy production systems and assessing the feasibility of carbon market linkages.
Jun 21, 2024
Jones, Chris; Muktar, Meki; Gari, Abel; Hanson, Jean; Negawo, Alemayehu Teressa; Domelevo Entfellner, Jean-Baka; Lee, Ki-won; Habte, Ermias, 2020, "Genetic diversity study in Napier grass collections and progeny plants",, MELDATA, V4
Genetic diversity study in Napier grass collections and progeny plants. The dataset contains genome-wide sequence tags, in FASTQ file format, generated from the genotyping of 258 Napier grass accessions on the DArTseq genotyping-by-sequencing platform. Of these, sequence tags rep...
Jun 20, 2024
Cadilhon, Jean Joseph; Kago, Kennedy; Omore, Amos; Katjiuongua, Hikuepi; Mtimet, Nadhem; Bahta, Sirak; Fadiga, Mohamadou; Wanyoike, Francis; Iheanacho, Okike, 2015, "Evaluation of Tanzania Dairy Development Forum",, MELDATA, V5
Data gathering, using methods and tools for value-chain analysis and analysis of the impact of the Tanzania Dairy Development Forum's structure on the conduct of its members and on achieving their dairy development objectives (impact of upgrading value-chains)
Jun 20, 2024 - CRP Livestock Country Priority Project - Uganda
Ouma, Emily; Lukuyu, Ben; Lutakome, Pius; Hammond, James; Teufel, Nils, 2022, "MorePork - RHoMIS midline survey of smallholder pig producers in Uganda",, MELDATA, V8
The dataset covers 688 pig farming households in Central Uganda. The RHoMIS midline survey was implemented in Nov-Dec 2021 and covers household farming practices, pig productivity and income indicators, as well as adoption of best practices and technologies for the pig enterprise...
Jun 20, 2024 - CRP Livestock Country Priority Project - Uganda
Ouma, Emily; Lutakome, Pius, 2022, "Baseline survey on Input and Service Providers (ISPs) in the Pig Value Chain of Uganda",, MELDATA, V13
A baseline survey of ISPs to allow for before-after and with or without comparison of the target outcome of the project interventions.
Jun 20, 2024 - MoreMilkIT
Omore, Amos; Baltenweck, Isabelle; Kariuki, Eunice; Njehu, Alice; Githinji, Julius, 2015, "MoreMilkIT - Household baseline survey",, MELDATA, V2
More milk by and for the poor: Adapting dairy market hubs for pro-poor smallholder value chains in Tanzania (MoreMilkIT) The MoreMilkiT project aims to achieve inclusive growth and reduced poverty and vulnerability among people with dairy- dependent livelihoods in selected rural...
Jun 20, 2024
Enahoro, Dolapo; Ajeigbe, Hakeem; Shalander, Kumar; Rich, Karl M., 2021, "Qualitative and quantitative datasets for system dynamics modelling of Nigeria's cattle value chain",, MELDATA, V7
Socio-economic surveys, value chain analysis, system dynamics modelling. This dataset can be used in value chain analysis and for policy analysis of the cattle and beef sector in Nigeria.
Jun 20, 2024 - CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish
Tegegne, Azage; Berhanu, Gebremedhin, 2015, "LIVES - Baseline Socio-economic Survey",, MELDATA, V4
LIVES is an initiative designed by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and their national partners to build upon the success of the Canadian International Development Agency-funded project, Improving Productiv...
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