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Feb 8, 2024 - CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish
Tegegne, Azage; Berhanu, Gebremedhin, 2015, "LIVES - Baseline Socio-economic Survey",, MELDATA, V1
LIVES is an initiative designed by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and their national partners to build upon the success of the Canadian International Development Agency-funded project, Improving Productiv...
Feb 7, 2024
Alinaitwe, Lordrick; Kivali, Velma; Aturinda, Christopher; Bugeza, James; Wainaina, Martin; Richter, Martin; Hoona, Jolly; Roesel, Kristina; Mayer-Scholl, Anne; Cook, Elizabeth Anne; Kankya, Clovice; Dürr, Salome, 2023, "BUILD-VPH Leptospira serosurvey",, MELDATA, V3
These are datasets from a cross-sectional survey conducted in 887 cattle, 926 pigs, and 463 goats and sheep from slaughter facilities in Uganda. The files include animal demographic information (age, sex, breed, origin, study site), laboratory results (serological testing), Rscri...
Jan 22, 2024
Getachew, Dinede; Knight-Jones, Theodore; Bihon, Wubetu; Gazu, Lina; Girma, Sisay; Srinivasan, Ramasamy; Roothaert, Ralph; Grace, Delia; Gashaw, Habtamu, 2022, "Urban Food Markets in Africa – incentivizing food safety (Pull-Push Project) - Assessment of pesticide residues in vegetables produced in central and eastern Ethiopia",, MELDATA, V6
The project aims to improve food safety in urban informal markets in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia, specifically in poultry and vegetable value chains. While previous efforts have often focused on training producers or regulators with little attention to incentives for behaviour chan...
Dec 14, 2023
Marshall, Karen; Babigumira, Brian; Ouma, Emily; Lule, Peter; Rutto, Erick; Wurzinger, Maria; Sölkner, Johann, 2018, "Using genomics as a decision support tool for smallholder pig enterprises in Uganda (UPG)",, MELDATA, V3
The study applies system analysis methods to smallholder pig enterprises in two districts of Uganda to collect and analyse primary data on household demographic characteristics, pig production and management practices, ownership and control of household assets and livelihoods., T...
Dec 14, 2023
Campbell, Zoe; Njiru, Nelly, 2022, "Gender-responsive design opportunities for bacteriophage therapy targeting Salmonella for adoption by Kenyan chicken keepers",, MELDATA, V3
Focus group discussions. This research activity on gender and bacteriophages is one of the aims within the research project ‘Phages as a one health approach for the replacement of antibiotics, and reduction of drug resistant nontyphoidal Salmonella, in poultry farms in Kenya’. Ba...
Dec 4, 2023
Lecoutere, Els; Puskur, Ranjitha; Singaraju, Niyati; Mishra, Avni; Akhter, Sadika; Khatun, Fatema; Rahman, Aminur; Kamruzzaman, Mohammed; Chowdhury, Promit Barua, 2023, "Effects of community-based intervention of non-government organization on gender equity in agriculture and food systems in selected areas of Kishoreganj district",, MELDATA, V2
This impact assessment study focuses on two community-based development projects, implemented by People's Oriented Programme Implementation (POPI), an NGO in Bangladesh. Both projects were implemented in the Kishoreganj district, a gender inequality hotspot. The "Engaging Communi...
Nov 29, 2023 - CRP Livestock Country Priority Project - Vietnam
Hammond, James; Tu, Mai; Teufel, Nils; Wijk, Mark van; Douxchamps, Sabine, 2021, "CRP Livestock Vietnam Priority Country - RHoMIS Baseline Survey",, MELDATA, V2
A characterisation and baseline survey of smallholder farmers undertaken at the start of the Livestock CRP Vietnam Priority Country project.
Nov 29, 2023 - CRP Livestock Country Priority Project - Vietnam
Hammond, James; Tu, Mai; Teufel, Nils; Wijk, Mark van; Douxchamps, Sabine, 2021, "CRP Livestock Vietnam Priority Country - RHoMIS COVID19 Survey",, MELDATA, V1
A survey of the impacts and recovery from those impacts due to COVID19 and the related control measures conducted in the research sites of the CRP Livestock Vietnam Priority Country
Nov 29, 2023
Swain, Braja; Teufel, Nils; Lukuyu, Ben, 2021, "Feed and fodder production in different agro-climatic zones and its utilization for livestock of Odisha",, MELDATA, V2
These data contain one round cross section, details about the 2268 households having livestock covering 10 Agro-climatic zones of Odisha. This database includes information on livestock holding, landholding, cropping pattern, feed availability, access to different type of feed, c...
Nov 29, 2023
Teufel, Nils; Baltenweck, Isabelle; Swain, Braja, 2021, "Adoption of dual-purpose groundnut varieties in Odisha",, MELDATA, V1
These data contain one round cross section, details about the 450 villages those includes landholding, livestock holding, demographic structure, cropping pattern, information of groundnut varieties and adoption collected between 2019 and 2020.
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