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Jun 12, 2024
Teufel, Nils; Githinji, Julius; Rao, James; Xu, Guanghong; Maina, Kevin; Aggarwal, Shilpa; Robinson, Jonathan; Spearot, Alan, 2024, "Demand and Liquidity Coordination to Foster the Adoption for Livestock Vaccinations: An Experiment with Small-Holder Dairy Cooperatives in Kenya - Farmer Baseline Survey",, MELDATA, V2
This cross-sectional (1 round) survey was conducted with 1,058 households having milking cattle covering 12 counties in Kenya. The data includes information on household characteristics, livestock holding, milk production, milk utilization, cattle diseases, cattle health service,...
May 14, 2024
Omondi, Immaculate; Teufel, Nils; Njuguna-Mungai, Esther; Bezabih, Melkamu; Galiè, Alessandra; Njiru, Nelly; Kariuki, Eunice; Mulema, Annet; Baltenweck, Isabelle; Jones, Chris; Rutto, Erick, 2023, "Women empowerment in study in Innovation Lab for Small Scale Irrigation (ILSSI) project in Ethiopia",, MELDATA, V1
The data consists of responses used to calculate the empowerment of women from 250 households. The data was collected between February and March 2022 from Amhara and SNNP regions in Ethiopia. The data consists of two datasets per household, one from the main woman in the househol...
May 13, 2024
Namatovu, Jane; Lule, Peter; Campbell, Zoe; Tumusiime, Dan; Bett, Bernard; Roesel, Kristina; Ouma, Emily; Marsy, Asindu; Kiara, Henry Kimathi, 2021, "Gender roles in ruminant disease management in Uganda: Implications for the control of peste des petits ruminants and Rift Valley fever (BUILD)",, MELDATA, V4
Gender roles in ruminant disease management in Uganda: Implications for the control of peste des petits ruminants and Rift Valley fever: This research study is a subcomponent of a bigger project “Boosting Uganda’s Investments in Livestock Development” (BUILD). The output of the r...
May 3, 2024 - CGIAR Research Program on Livestock
Swain, Braja; Teufel, Nils; Rahman, Habibar; Lukuyu, Ben, 2020, "Livestock household census survey in Odisha, India",, MELDATA, V3
These data contain one round cross section, livestock assets survey of 75146 households from Odisha, India collected between 2017 and 2018.
Apr 30, 2024 - CRP Livestock Country Priority Project - Uganda
Ouma, Emily; Lukuyu, Ben; Lutakome, Pius; Hammond, James; Teufel, Nils, 2022, "MorePork - RHoMIS midline survey of smallholder pig producers in Uganda",, MELDATA, V7
The dataset covers 688 pig farming households in Central Uganda. The RHoMIS midline survey was implemented in Nov-Dec 2021 and covers household farming practices, pig productivity and income indicators, as well as adoption of best practices and technologies for the pig enterprise...
Apr 30, 2024
Ouma, Emily; Pezo, Danilo; Dione, Michel; Lukuyu, Ben; Marshall, Karen; Lule, Peter; Asiimwe, Grace; Opio, Felix; Kawuma, Brian; Kariuki, Eunice, 2015, "MorePork - Study: Food Demand and Nutrition Cross-Sectional Survey",, MELDATA, V5
MorePork: More pork by and for the poor: Catalyzing emerging smallholder pig value chains in Uganda for food security and poverty reduction The project seeks to test and pilot best bet options to improve on-farm productivity, household nutrition and pork safety in the marketing c...
Apr 30, 2024
Wieland, Barbara; Alemu, Biruk; Dione, Michel; Magnusson, Ulf; Amenu, Kebede; Desta, Hiwot; Alemayehu, Gezahegn, 2021, "Antimicrobial use in smallholder livestock systems in Ethiopia (AMUSE)",, MELDATA, V5
The aim of this project was to develop a tool (AMUSE) to understand knowledge, attitudes and practices of smallholder farmers regarding antimicrobial use, antimicrobial resistance and the presence of residues of antimicrobials. It also documents drivers of behaviour for AMU, iden...
Apr 30, 2024
Getachew, Dinede; Knight-Jones, Theodore; Bihon, Wubetu; Gazu, Lina; Girma, Sisay; Srinivasan, Ramasamy; Roothaert, Ralph; Grace, Delia; Gashaw, Habtamu, 2022, "Urban Food Markets in Africa – incentivizing food safety (Pull-Push Project) - Assessment of pesticide residues in vegetables produced in central and eastern Ethiopia",, MELDATA, V8
The project aims to improve food safety in urban informal markets in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia, specifically in poultry and vegetable value chains. While previous efforts have often focused on training producers or regulators with little attention to incentives for behaviour chan...
Apr 30, 2024
Enahoro, Dolapo; Ajeigbe, Hakeem; Shalander, Kumar; Rich, Karl M., 2021, "Qualitative and quantitative datasets for system dynamics modelling of Nigeria's cattle value chain",, MELDATA, V5
Socio-economic surveys, value chain analysis, system dynamics modelling. This dataset can be used in value chain analysis and for policy analysis of the cattle and beef sector in Nigeria.
Apr 25, 2024
Madjdian, Donya; Van Asseldonk, Marcel; Dione, Michel; Ilboudo, Guy; Ouedraogo, Abdoul-Aziz; Roesel, Kristina; Grace, Delia; Talsma, Elise; Knight-Jones, Theodore; de Vet, Emely, 2023, "Pull-Push: Incentivizing food safety in urban informal markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Impact of a training intervention package for ready-to-eat chicken vendors in informal markets in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. A randomized controlled trial (outlet observations and vendor surveys)",, MELDATA, V4
Two-armed RCT, n=162 outlets of which 70 in treatment arm and 92 in control arm. Data were collected at two time points before and after the intervention through direct observations and vendor surveys. Observation data includes vendor food safety behavior, outlet and environmenta...
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